Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry and Labour, Saboto Caesar said the Government is preparing to offer new leasing agreements to members of the public for the fisheries Complexes across the country.

He made this statement while responding to a question during Thursday’s, 7th September, 2023 sitting of Parliament in relation to operations at the fisheries Complex located on the Grenadine Island of Canouan.

Minister Caesar said while no-one is currently leasing the Canouan Fisheries complex due to a number of issues, it is their hope that interested organizations or individuals will come forward.

Minister Caesar said the lease agreements for all the Fisheries Complexes across the country have expired and they will again offer leases to members of the public as they continue to foster a public/private partnership.

Minister Caesar said the Government continues to create the enabling environment for people to earn a living and they hope people will come forward to lease the facilities.


SOURCE:  National Broadcasting Corporation

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