The South Western Division incorporates the following police stations, Vermont, Layou, and the Barrouallie Police Station. The district spans the area between Rillan Hill (Road to the Nature Trail) to Belle Isle. The population within this district centres around Vermont, Du Bois, Penniston, Rilland, Buccament, Layou, Keartons, and Belle Isle. Located on the Leeward side of the island, this district is considered to sustained primarily by activities of fishing, however, agriculture is also prominient area of contribution. The government after realizing the wealth of the country's natural resources has made concerted efforts to push tourism which has been evolving rapidly in these areas. This push, therefore, seeks to benefit the economy with in the local and national realm.  As a result, the district witnessed the development of various tourist attractions, such as, the Buccama Bay Resort, Wallilabou Bay, Peters Hope, and the Mt. Wynne Beaches. Assets and measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of the well-being of the locals and visitors of this area.

The headquarter for this district is located at the Barrouallie Police Station, which is located in the town of Barroualie and houses the office of the Divisional Commander. Persons with concerns or quiries regarding the stations or police officersunder this district are asked to take note.

Grenadines Division
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