Central Division incorporates the stations, Central Police Station, Questelles Police Station and Ottley Hall Sub Station.  It spans the the areas between Rillan Hill (the road to Nature Trail) to the Arnos Vale bridge (in the vicinity of the Ace Hardware store).

Population Centres:

Arnos Vale (plan), Cane Hall, Sion Hill, Dorsetshire Hill, Cane Garden, Rockies, Sharpes, Green Hill, Lowmans, Campden Park, Questelles, Clare Valley, Chauncey, Old Montrose, and Kingstown.

Roles and functions of the CPS Office and Beat and Patrol

The Central Police Station is the Station that houses the nerve centre of the Police Force. It is the Station where every aspect of Policing is represented from the executive body right down to Beat and Patrol. It is also the Station that is of historical importance to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, therefore it is the Mecca of all Stations. The CPS Office and Beat and Patrol are found at the Central Police Station headed by Divisional Officer, Richard Browne, Superintendant  of Police who is in charge of Central Division.

Beat and Patrol

The Station Office which is the entrance of the Central Police Station, this is where Beat and Patrol men occupies. The first Police you are greeted by on arrival at the Station is the Sentry who works at Beat and Patrol. There are four (4) teams on Beat and Patrol, headed by an NCO and carries a maximum of about eight (8) Constables. The Station Office is where the Prisoners are kept. It is also where the Keys are kept for Government buildings around Kingstown; hence the area is frequented by members of the public.

The duties of Beat and Patrol include the following;

  • Static Point Duties such as Financial Complex Ministerial Building, etc…
  • Beat Duties (1,2,3,4 & 5) and Country Patrol
  • The Police on Beat and Patrol are also responsible for entertaining reports of Summary Offences such as Threats, throwing Missiles etc.
  • The Supreme Court are also covered by Beat and Patrol
  • Security Duties such as House of Assembly etc.


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