The Police Welfare Association held its Annual General meeting on Thursday, 31st January 2019, to elect a new executive. The following members were elected to serve on the new executive.

Senior Branch:

Brenton Smith  Station Sergeant  (Chairman)

Neil Jack  Inspector  (Secretary)

Biorn Duncan  Sergeant  (Member)

General Secretary

Donhenrea Bascombe Constable  

Intermediate Branch

Lez Harry  Corporal  (Chairman)

Douglas Caesar  Corporal  (Secretary)

Kelia Ambris  Corporal  (Member)        

Colin May  Corporal  (Member)    

Junior Branch

Carlson Hackshaw  Constable  (Chairman)

Rosalo Mckie  Constable  (Secretary)

Thomille Samuel  Constable  (Member)

Kenroy Martin  Constable  (Member)  

Germano Douglas  Constable  (Member)