At now 21 and pregnant, Samantha said she began dating a man who forced her to have sex with multiple men for money.  How did I get myself in this Situation she asked herself one day? I was forced to do a lot of things I didn’t want to do. But I did it, because I felt I owed him. Samantha had left her parents’ home and moved in with her 33years old boyfriend Nick, whom she had met in a club when she was celebrating her eighteen (18) birthday. They began dating thereafter.

Samantha came from a good family who showed her love but believed she had found her prince charming in Nick.  Nick showed Samantha love and would take her on nights -out on the town and would buy her expensive gifts.  He even told her she did not have to work because he would take care of her. Samantha felt she had it all. After living with Nick for close to one (1) year, One day, Samantha came home from the spa and met Nick at home in a very sad mood. When she enquired what the problem was, Nick told her that he had lost his job as a Sales manager. Nick however told Samantha not to worry as she wanted to help out by getting a job herself.

Months went by and the money Nick had saved was used up to pay bills. One day Samantha came home to meet Nick and one his friend Marlon having a conversation. Nick took Samantha to the bedroom and began to cry to her saying the bank had called and threaten to sell the house because he was three (3) months in arrears on the mortgage and the car was soon to be repossessed.  Nick told Samantha that Marlon was willing to help pay the mortgage but she would have to have sex with him and it would only be a one-time thing. Samantha began to reflect on all the things Nick had done for her and felt she was obligated to do what he asked her to because she loved him and wanted to help out;  and Nick had promised her it would be kept a secret.

Little did Samantha know that it was Nick’s intention not only to have her perform sexual acts  with his friends for money but  other men when he saw she was able to make him good money. Nick, the presumed “prince charming” was now transformed into a monster and kept Samantha locked in a room and threatened to kill her if she screamed or made any noise in the place. Samantha was forced to have sex at least 4 times a day with different men.

A few months later Samantha was joined by Precious, a 20 year old who told her that she came from another island and had met Nick online, they started to have an internet relationship and he invited her to spend vacation with him.  Nick forced both young ladies into prostitution, fooled by fake love hoping each day they can be rescued.

Unfortunately, human trafficking is the fastest growing crime committed globally. There are approximately 25 million slaves in the world today, and the number increases by the minute.

Be careful, be wise, be assertive; do not be deceived by “human traffickers” or would be “exploiters”.


Article by: The Anti-Trafficking in Persons Unit (ATIPU) of the Royal St.Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.