On Friday 8th July, 2018, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cadet Force (SVGCF) Band will achieve a milestone of fifty years.  As Chairman of the Cadet Force Advisory Committee, I want to wish the Cadet Force Band Happy 50th Anniversary and continued success in their endeavours.


The SVGCF Band was started in 1968 as a drum corps by Lt. Rev. Allan Kirton during the tenure of Capt Lennox John as Commandant. 

Its first appearance was at the Queen’s Birthday Parade held at the Victoria Park on Saturday June 8th, 1968. The foundation members were:

  • Major the Honourable St Claire Leacock,
  • Garth Williams
  • Michael Ollivierre aka (lord have mercy)
  • Osmond Crichton
  • John Daisley.
  • Cannon Everton Weeks,
  • Calvert (Booty) Ferdinand
  • Timothy Hazell (deceased),
  • Peter Fraser
  • Val Lawrance
  • Denzel Stewart (deceased)
  • Donn Bobb
  • Greg Richards

 In 1970 the corps acquired four more bugles and in 1972 two tenor drums that they were played by Esmond weeks and the late Douglas Hamlet two further tenor drums were acquired two years later. In 1975 a donation from Humber College of five silver piston bugles enhanced the wind section and thus the repertoire was expanded slightly from simple bugle marches.  Women were recruited into the band in 1977. The first female tenor Drummers being Kenlyn Clouden and Diane hall. The great  leap forward came in the latter half of the 1978  when the corps of drums were  transformed slowly into a full  military band reaching it pinnacle in the 1980 under the guidance of Capt Dr. Alwayn  Leacock who  made music education mandatory and thus give rise to many prominent tertiary qualified musicians such as Junior Sutherland,  Darrien Ollivierre, Dexter Bacchus  Kemuel Spence who attended the Royal Military school of music in Kneller Hall UK, and Junior Sutherland. Among its achievements is winning the gold medal twice at the national music festival and signal Honour of playing for Her Majesty the Queen on Sunday October 27th, 1985 at the medal investiture ceremony at Government house.

The band boast amongst its past members several prominent Vincentians Senator the Honourable  Julian Francis, eminent Volcanologist Dr. Richard Robertson, Commander David Robin, Colin Cunningham, veteran Mass media communicators Donald Bobb,  and Colin Cunningham, renal transplant surgeon Malcolm Samuel, Dr Wilfred Layne haematologist, Ashley Marksman of  Asterisk fame, entrepreneur and business man Anthony Regisford, Volcanologist Carlilse  “Pyiko Williams”, Captain Samora Leacock of the US army first Sousaphonist. First second’s trumpet theatre management specialist Fred harry, First E flat clarinettist Sgt Brian woods of the UK RLC corps.  First female clarinettist Dr Melissa Scott, first Female drum major, Corsilla Adams who then went on to be the first female drum major of the police band. ACP Richard Browne; drummer, bass drummer and drum major. Artillon Hamilton veteran B Flat bass player. Altocha Anderson clarinet player who became the first female Regimental Sgt major of the cadet corps

It has always been the dream of Captain Lennox John the then Commandant to make the band a national show piece; a sentiment expressed by successive Commandants over the years. The journey has not been easy they have had to rely on the generosity of the Kingstown Baptist church, the Marriaqua secondary school and the Japanese for musical instruments. More significantly the volunteerism of Bill Roberts, Hugh Huggins, Ikiki Rose, Joffre Venner and Ricardo McDonald who at various segments gave of their free service and musical expertise to expand the band. 

Once again, Happy 50th Anniversary!