On Thursday, February 23, 2023, Mrs. Desrie J. Richards, Senior Education Officer at the Department of Adult and Continuing Education, within the Ministry of Education and National Reconciliation presented a lecture to the staff at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).
Mrs. Richards lectured the officers on the topic of "Professional Image". The participants listened intently and with great interest as the information was imparted. They were reminded about the necessity of becoming professionals who genuinely care about their clients while carrying out their daily tasks in the field of security, whether on or off duty.
Head of the Criminal Investigations Department, Superintendent of Police, Mr. Clauston Francis, and Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Elgin Richards were in attendance and participated in an exemplary manner in the question-and-answer ssegment.
The lecture was the first in a series of lectures planned for 2023 in the Investigative Department.
Mrs. Richards concluded her lecture by admonishing the officers to make a positive impact in their sphere of influence while they engage in expert communication, quality customer service, and consistent healthy professional relationships.