On 17 th January 2023, Mrs. Jean Johnney-Findlay deliveredOn 17 th January 2023, Mrs. Jean Johnney-Findlay delivereda lecture on Customer Service to members of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines PoliceForce (RSVGPF). The lecture was done at the Old Montrose Police Compound. It was the first ina series of lectures on the RSVGPF Calendar of Activities for 2023.

During her presentation, Mrs. Johnney-Findlay touched on several areas including:

 Internal Customer Service.

 Police approach and tone when dealing with members of the public.

 Police Dress Code.

 Customer Service, before, during and after a report was made to the police.

 The responsibility to respond in a timely manner to reports from members of the public.

A wide cross-section of Police Officers including the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Colin Johnand other senior ranks were in attendance. The lecture was facilitated by the Public Relations and Complaints Department.