On Sunday 15 th January 2023, the Barrouallie PoliceOn Sunday 15 th January 2023, the Barrouallie PoliceYouth Club (PYC) hosted its first community project for the year 2023 at the oldBarrouallie Police Station grounds.

The project was executed under the theme “The Barrouallie Police Youth Club making adifference, touching lives and impacting the community”

Speaking at the event, The National Coordinator of Police Youth Clubs, Sergeant ofPolice, Mr. Stephen Billy, said “Projects like these are to help young men and womenunderstand that they are not alone in the society. We are teaching them to share and tobe mindful to care for others. These senior citizens would be receiving the food baskets as a token from the Barrouallie Police Youth Club.He outlined that the (PYC) is not looking for publicity - rather, it is about socializing ourchildren the right way, So that they can understand the value of sharing and respect fortheir elders”.

According to the Officer in charge of Police Youth Clubs, Assistant Superintendent ofPolice, Mr. Junior Simmons “The Police Youth Clubs are the most trending club in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. This sentiment was echoed during his presentation at theevent.

ASP Simmons said “The Clubs have been doing an awesome job in nurturing the mindsof our nation’s most valuable resources – our children. When we impact positively ontheir lives at this stage, they will grow up to be productive citizens of St. Vincent and theGrenadines.

Brief remarks were given also delivered by District Coordinator, Sergeant GarthDeshong, and the vote of thanks was done by Ms. Shelly-Ann Roberts, DeputyCoordinator.

The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police wish to profoundly thank the followingsponsors who made the event possible: Mr. Gideon Nash, Ms. Coudogan, Mr. CyrilDoyle, Mr. Carl Caesar, Mr. Gloston Hendickson, Mr. and Mrs. Fairbain, Mr. ElfernoToussaint, Eastern Caribbean Group of Companies (ECGC), Coreas and Hazell’s,Central Water and Sewage Authority (CWSA), Republic Bank of St. Vincent and AreaRepresentative Hon. Dr. Orando Brewster, Minster of National Mobilization.