The Layou Police Youth Club (PYC) is ten (10) years old. OnThe Layou Police Youth Club (PYC) is ten (10) years old. OnSunday 29 th January 2023, a ceremony was held at the Layou Police Station to commemorate themilestone under the theme “Building Youths for a Brighter Tomorrow.”

Several dignitaries were on hand to witness the event, including, the Commissioner of Police,Mr. Colin John, Hon. Grenville Williams, Attorney General, Hon. Dr. Orando Brewster,Parliamentary Representative of the Central Leeward Constituency and Minister of NationalMobilisation, Social Development and Youth, etc, Mrs. Shafia London-Williams, ChiefExecutive Officer of St. Vincent Brewery Limited and Feature Speaker, Divisional Commander,Superintendent David Trumpet, Superintendent Hanif Simon, Sergeant (Sgt) Stephen Billy,National Coordinator of Police Youth Clubs, and Dr. Alston “Becket” Cyrus among others.

In his remarks to the audience, the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Colin John lauded the leadershipof Sgt. Billy and the Layou Police Youth Club on its achievement. “Ten years is a significantachievement in any organization. I want to congratulate you on achieving this milestone andthose who would be inducted into the club today” said the Commissioner.

The Commissioner said that the RSVGPF is pointing the members of the youth clubs in the rightdirection to achieve their full potential. He also highlighted some of the benefits that members ofthe youth clubs receive. “We try as far as possible to provide some practical benefits to membersof the PYCs. Members are exposed to training and the police summer programmes. We havealso assisted members who passed the CPEA examinations with books and other school supplies.And there is a direct policy of the police force where members of the PYCs receive preferencesin joining the RSVGPF so long as they achieve the age and has the requisite qualifications to doso.”

In his closing remarks, the Commissioner told the youths, “Your boundaries are set by you. Yourability to live and work in any country depends on your qualifications and skills. Once you arequalified, you can work in Israel, Africa, or anywhere in the world.” He encouraged the youths tohave high self-esteem because the value they place on themselves, is the same value other peoplewould place on them.

Dr. Hon. Orando Brewster also addressed the ceremony. He told the young people “before youbuild you must first plan and if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. He went on by saying that theyouth clubs are a good foundation for the youths because they can mold them into decent andoutstanding persons in the community.
According to Minister Brewster, just mentioning that you are a part of a Police Youth Club onyour resume or job application indicates that you are someone of great character. In closing, Dr.Brewster pledged that he will do everything in his power to support and build the youths for the future.

The keynote address was delivered by Mrs. Shafia London-Williams. Mrs. London- Williamsaddressed the youths on what she called Two G’s and Two S’s. Using the first ‘G’ she told theyouths that they must dream to be “Great”. “In being great, you also have to be humble becausethat can even open up more doors”, said Mrs. London-Williams. The second ‘G’ according to thefeatured speaker meant being a ‘Good’ person. “What do I mean by being good asked Mrs.Williams. “In life, you would be faced with many options, and oftentimes, temptations. And you

have to make a choice. When I was a child, I remember my pastor said to the Church ‘if you areabout to do something, there are two (2) things you need to think about – whatever you are goingto do, if this hit the front page of the newspaper tomorrow, would you be proud or would yourfamily be proud?’. If the answer is no, it means that is not a good thing to do. According to thefeatured speaker, being good means helping others and not taking advantage of them.

In moving on to the S’s, Mrs. London-Williams, told the audience they have to be “Strong”. Shetold the youths that life can be tough and challenging at times. “Life is going to throw you someserious big stones and you have to be strong.” The second ‘S’ according to Mrs. London-Williams is for “Special”. She said to them “you are special. You are your own person. In aworld of over eight (8) billion people, there is only one of you. You are special! There is no oneelse like you on this earth, even if you are a twin, there will still be a difference. And becauseyou are special, you have to make the most of this gift called life.” She encouraged the youngpeople not to settle for anything less than what they deserve

Remarks were also delivered by Assistant Superintendent Junior Simmons, the Officer in chargeof Police Youth Clubs, and Sergeant Stephen Billy, the National Coordinator of Police YouthClubs. Mr. Nyron Collis is the District Coordinator of the Layou Police Youth Club withConstable 108 Javique Chambers as his Deputy. During the ceremony, thirty-six (36) memberswere officially enrolled in the club after reciting the Honour Code and the Promise.

Ten (10) food baskets were also distributed to ten members of the club sponsored by the NationalLotteries Authority, East Caribbean Group of Companies, and Nature Care Limited.
36 members enrolled10 food baskets distributedSponsors: National LotteriesEast Caribbean Group of CompaniesNature Care