The SVG Coast Guard Service (SVGCGS) conducted an Instructors Development Refreshers Course for two weeks at Coast Guard Base, Calliaqua from 17th – 28th January 2022. The Course consisted of eight (08) participants, six (6) from within the Coast Guard Service, and two (2) from the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Training School.  

The course aimed to equip the participants with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively deliver training to law enforcement personnel. The course also provided participants with the necessary instructional techniques and strategies to create and deliver student-centered lessons.

The Course included but was not limited to the following subject areas, The Principles and Techniques of Instruction, The Qualities of a Good Instructor, Promotion and Maintenance of the Desire to Learn, Preparation and Planning of Instruction, Confirmation that Instruction has been Assimilated, Question Technique, The Selection and Use of Aids in Instruction, Creating a Lesson plan, Time Management, Counselling; and Ten commandments of public speaking.

According to the Course Facilitator, Lieutenant (Lt) William Theobalds, the participants had a good perception of the course and evaluated the course and the material provided very well and timely. He outlined that several presentations were done over the period including impromptu speeches, five, fifteen; and thirty minutes presentations. A forty-five minutes presentation by students was also included where they were given a topic to research and create a lesson plan for their final presentation.  He further noted that the participants made constructive and consistent progress throughout and expressed satisfaction with the quality of instructions. However, some students lack confidence initially in their teaching practices but improved tremendously on the final assessment.

A closing ceremony was held on January 28th, 2022 at the Course Guard Base in Calliaqua.  In attendance was Coast Guard Commander Mr. Brenton Cain who delivered brief remarks. In his remarks, Commander Cain urged the students to use every training opportunity to build themselves and the Organization’s capacity. He further encouraged the participant to have a dream, grab it and never let it go. He said nothing is impossible as long as they try and keep working hard. 

Also in attendance were Deputy Coast Guard Commander Mr. Deon Henry and; other senior Officers of the SVGCGS.