The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF has awarded seventy-one (71) students who were successful at the Caribbean Primary  Exit Assessment (CPEA) examinations with full scholarships while another seven (07) students received assistance with books and other supplies. The scholarships were distributed at Police Headquarters on Saturday, October 09, 2021.

The police scholarships are tenable for seven (07) years; five (5) years at secondary school and another two (2) years at the SVG Community College. It caters to the recipient’s books (text and others), school fees, transportation fees, examination fees among others.

At the brief event, Commissioner of Police, Mr. Colin John congratulated the scholarship recipients for passing the CPEA examinations and for being awarded a scholarship to further their education. The Commissioner impressed upon the students that all they have to do is focus on their education and seek to do their best. He encouraged them to be respectful to their teachers and their peers.

The Commissioner said “the police scholarship is a very good opportunity to help you to become what you want to be. Many persons before you have used this scholarship to achieve success in various fields in life and are proud nation-builders - not only in SVG but all over the world.”

He cautioned the students to take very good care of the books and materials that they would have received and preserve them for future scholarship holders.

During the event, Lemuel Richards, a twelve (12) year old student of St. Vincent Boys Grammar School was awarded the Sergeant 209 Philbert Chambers Scholarship for Excellence. In 2020, Commissioner of Police, Mr. Colin John initiated the Sergeant 209 Philbert Chambers Scholarship for the most outstanding police youth club (PYC) member who pass the CPEA examinations.

Lemuel who is a member of the Paget Farm Police Youth Club placed 65th for boys and 150th overall.

While expressing his excitement after being awarded the scholarship, Lemuel said “receiving the Sgt. Chambers scholarship is a major success for me and my parents, as it will be my main stepping stone to achieving my goals – making my family proud and the man I aspire to become.” Lemuel was also awarded the prize for Best Science Student at the Paget Farm Government School for 2021.

Sgt. Chambers was a prolific police youth club coordinator who died in the line of duty on April 26, 2020.

The Police Scholarship Fund is the oldest programme of its kind in SVG. It started 63 years ago under the then Chief of Police, Colonel Sydney A. Anderson. The Fund was set up primarily for the benefit of children of Police Officers. However, with its thrust to build a better relationship with the community and the general public at large, the RSVGPF modified the programme where assistance is given to beneficiaries who are not children of police officers.