Members of the general public are hereby notified that the funeral service for the late, Constable 702 Delano Robertson will take place on Saturday August 28, 2021 at the New Testament Church of God, Rose Hall. The deceased will be accorded a full military funeral. Viewing of the body and open tributes will commence at 10:00 am, to be followed by the funeral service at 11:00 am. The interment will take place at the Rose Hall Cemetery.

Please be advised that according to the COVID-19 guidelines, certain protocols will be in effect during the funeral service and procession to the cemetery as follows:

  1. Persons attending the funeral service are strongly advised to adhere to the physical distancing guidelines by staying at least 3 – 6 feet apart.
  1. Wear a face mask for the duration of the service, the procession to the cemetery and, the interment.
  1. No vending is allowed in the immediate vicinity of the funeral service and place of interment.