Lieutenant William Theobalds of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard has achieved a new milestone becoming the first Vincentian to complete the International Maritime Operators Course at the United States Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island. Lieutenant Theobalds, who graduated on November 6th, 2020, said he is elated about his achievement and looks forwards to achieving greater things.

The programme was informative and provided insight of previous maritime operations, including “Operation Neptune” the largest amphibious landing to take place in history said Lieutenant Theobalds, who has 26 years of experience as a Coast Guard Officer.

The International Maritime Operators Course was a twelve (12) weeks programme, which prepares Naval Officers to support the planning and execution of complex maritime operations in a coalition environment.

Some of the topics covered were American colonial history, leadership, command, and control, multiculturalism, historical military case studies (WWII), operational art fundamentals, operation factors and functions, operational warfare, theatre geometry, naval planning process, combined maritime operations, multinational concepts, and planning process, United Nation overview and a table-top exercise.

The course was US doctrine focused and taught participants the fundamental concepts and processes necessary to support a multinational maritime component commander at the operational level of warfare.

Participants now possess the capability of performing the role of a Staff Officer on a National or multinational/combined maritime staff, applying the fundamental concepts of operational art, and perform as a member of an operational planning team.

Lieutenant Theobalds also has regional experience having worked as Maritime Training Officer at the Regional Security System (RSS) for four years.

Commissioner of Police, Mr. Colin John, Coast Guard Commander, Mr. Brenton Cain and rank and file officers of both the RSVGPF and SVG Coast Guard Service extend congratulations to Lieutenant Theobalds on his major achievement.