For more information please contact the Police Public Relations and Complaints at 4856891/4856697

The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVPF) has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding two (2) shooting incidents which are unrelated. On Friday November 22, 2019 about 11:48 P.M, three male victims, ages twenty-three (23), twenty-eight (28) and thirty-two (32) received gunshots wounds to their bodies. At the time of the shooting, the victims were at Heritage Square, Kingstown at a social event. The victims are reported to be in stable condition. The motive for the shootings are not known.

The police are therefore seeking the assistance of persons with information relating to these and other crimes to contact any police station in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, or the Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Crime at Telephone # 456-1339 or 457-1211 ext. 217 or Officer in charge CID/CRO/MCU at 456-1810 or 457-1211 ext. 216, 220, or the Officer –in-charge Grenadines Division at 458-8100. All information received will be treated confidentially.

It is an offence to carry a firearm without a permit. The Police are encouraging all persons who in are possession of firearms without a licence to do so, to hand them over to the police immediately or face prosecution.