For more information please contact the Police Public Relations and Complaints at 4856891/4856697

Police are investigating a robbery as reported by a Businesswoman of Canouan against some unknown person(s).

According to the report, on 07.07.19 some unknown person(s) robbed the Businesswoman of Canouan of one (1) brown Handbag brand unknown value $40.00ECC containing a quantity of items value unknown, $17,714.42ECC in cash, 700.00USD, $155.00CAN and €45.00 by pushing her against a post and pulling away her handbag, the property of the Businesswoman of Canouan.

The incident occurred at Canouan about 10:15pm on 04.07.19

The police is soliciting information from anyone that will aid with the investigation, the arrest and prosecution of the offender(s) to contact the Assistant Commissioner in charge Crime at 1784-456-1339 or the officer in charge of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at 1784-456-1810 or the officer in charge of the Grenadines or the Canouan Police Station at 1784-458-8100 or any Police Station or Police Officer that you are comfortable with. All information will be treated with outmost confidentiality.