The Public Relations and Complaints Department of the Royal St.Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force was established on January 4th, 1999, to implement programmes which foster closer links with the public and improve the relationship between the media and the police.

Retired Superintendent of Police, Artis Davis, was the first head of the Department. Upon his retirement, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Jonathan Nicholls, became the head of the Department.

Recognizing that the public is our primary partner in the fight against crime, the Public Relations and Complaints Department seeks to establish an environment conducive to the attainment of a better relationship with the public through a more service oriented Police Force.

Objectives (Short term)

1  To implement Neighbourhood Watch Schemes in communities, which are prone to criminal activities.

2  To liase with members of the public through technology.

3  To improve and maintain good relations with the media.

4  To establish Police Youth Clubs with a view to developing a closer link between the Police and youth.

5  Develop a programme to ensure that current members and recruits are exposed to training in Public Relations,  Human Rights issues and Interpersonal Skills.

Objectives (Long term)

To build a more professional police force equipped to provide the most effective and efficient quality of service possible, which is integral to achieving safe and harmonious communities. Besides handling the public relations affairs of the Royal St.Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, the Department also strives to maintain the integrity of the Force by ensuring the prompt and thorough investigation of complaints against its members by members of the public, to clear the innocent, establish guilt, and facilitate appropriate disciplinary action.

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