The Royal St.Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force Band was started on June 6th, 1951. Approval was granted by the Chief of Police, Lieutenant Colonel Randolph, for the formation of a police band.

Comprised of nineteen (19) members from the local constabulary, each member was assigned to a particular instrument. The Band was under the command of Mr.Weston H. Lewis, a civilian who had studied music and march band development in England. He was assisted in the management of personnel by Sgt.16 R.J. O’Garro.

On February 6th, 1952, the Band had its first performance in the form of a memorial parade in memory of His Majesty the late King George VI. In 1953, the idea of sustaining the Band membership was materialized by the introduction of the Police Band Cadets.

The Band is one of the most popular and interactive arms of the Police Force.

The Band is showcased at ceremonial parades, church parades, non-government organizations march, carnival shows, concerts, school sports, funerals and just about anything that promotes peace and justice throughout St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

In 1998, the then Commissioner of Police, Mr. Randolph Toussaint took the initiative to recruit the first female officers to the Band, Constables Cinda Bobb and Helen Ralph.

The Band made its first trip overseas on February 20th, 2004, to St.Lucia as a return visit to take part in their independence parade. This was under the leadership of Sgt.Carlos Sampson, now Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Administration.

In July 2008, a summer programme was started at the Band’s bases at Montrose for children between the ages of 9 to 15 years. They were taught how to play various musical instruments. This so far has been a success. As the Band advanced in its years of development, the following Band Masters gave astute leadership.                           

The Band now has its own base at Largo Height.

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