The Criminal Investigation Department is the main investigation arm of the Royal Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force.  It is situated in the Central Division in Kingstown. 

Area Responsible For

All villages that falls between the areas of Gun Hill in the Vicinity of the meat market to Arnos Vale at the bridge in the vicinity of ACE hardware. 

Main Functions

The Criminal Investigation Department is responsible for detecting and investigating reports of felonies/serious crimes, visiting and processing crime scenes, collecting and preparing certificate of character, preparing criminal statistics for court purpose and any other duties as stipulated by the Commissioner of Police.


  • Criminal Investigations Department (C.I.D)
  • Major Crime Unit (M.C.U)
  • Criminal Records Office (C.R.O)
  • Information Technology (I.T)
  • Process
  • Anti-Trafficking in Persons Unit (A.T.I.P.U)

The Criminal Investigations Department (C.I.D)

Investigations misdemeanors (theft, burglaries, wounding, assults, damage to properties, etc.).  This section is further sub-divided into two teams.

The Major Crime Unit (M.C.U)

Investigations felonies/serious crimes (treason, murder, robberies, arson, etc.).

The Criminal Records Office (C.R.O)

Processing of crime scenes and criminal record search, preserve physical evidence and exhibits, issuing of certificate of character and identify persons by fingerprints, photography, etc.


Communicates with all Police Forces and International Agencies, both regionally and internationally.

Information Technology (I.T)

Assists in the Investigation of cyber crimes, compiled statistics, installs and maintains all electronic equipment within the Police Force.


Is responsible for the prosecution of the cases brought before the court.  Warning witnesses, serving of summons and execution of bench warrants, etc.  The staff is also responsible for three (3) courts.  Serious Offences court, the Magistrate and Family Court.

Anti-Trafficking in Persons Unit (A.T.I.P.U)

Investigates possible cases of human trafficking.  To sensitize the public of human trafficking and to report to the Minister of National Security on all pertinent matters of human trafficking. Read More