Police have arrested and charged Iran Sutherland, 40 years old labourer of Owia with Possession of a Controlled Drug with intent to supply it to another on 08.03.2022.

According to investigations, at about 1:30 pm on the 08.03.22 at Owia, the Accused allegedly had in his possession four thousand, six hundred and fifty-seven (4657) grammes of Cannabis with the intent to supply it to another.

Sutherland appeared before the Kingstown Magistrate Court on 9.03.2022 to answer the charge and plead guilty. He was fined four thousand, four hundred dollars ($4,400.00) and ordered to pay one thousand, four hundred dollars ($1400.00) forthwith or four (4) months imprisonment. The balance is to be paid by 31.05.2022, in default, he will spend six (6) months in prison.