Police arrested and charged Ollie Shortte, 40 years old unemployed of Belair with the offences of Damage to Property and Assault.

According to the investigation, the Accused allegedly without Lawful excuse damaged one (1) 3x3 glass and aluminum window valued at $300.00 ECC, two glass and wooden doors valued at $500.00 ECC each, and one black T-shirt valued at $ 30.00 by smashing the items with an unknown object and ripping the T-shirt with his hands; total value $1330.00 ECC. The property of a 30-year-old Complainant of the same address.

The Accused was further charged for assaulting the said Complainant by raising a hammer at her head. The incident occurred on 24.10.21 at Belair.

Jack is expected to appear before the Serious Offences Court to answer the Charges.