On 16.04.2021 police arrested and charged Leroy Cuffy, 30 years old Labourer of Barrouallie for with malice aforethought, did caused the death of Mandreca Solomon, 30 years old Labourer of Barrouallie by shooting him on his left shoulder with a gun.

Solomon’s death marked the 10th homicide recorded in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for the year 2021.

The Accused was also charged with having in his possession one (1) Glock 17 9mm Pistol and ten (10) rounds of 9mm ammunition without a license issued under the Firearms Act, and for using the Glock 17 9mm Pistol in the commission of the offence of murder. The incidents occurred at Glebe Hill, Barrouallie on 14.04.2021.

0n 19.04.2021 the Accused appeared before the Serious Offences Court for an arraignment and was remanded in custody at Her Majesty’s Prison. The matter was 05.07.2021 for trail.