On 07.04.2021 police arrested and charged Otmar Ambris, a 26 years old Painter of Belair with the offence of Assault Bodily Harm and two counts of Wounding.

According to investigations, the accused man allegedly assaulted a 29 years old Security Guard of Largo Height by striking her on her head with a Sunset Strong Rum bottle causing actual bodily harm.

He was also charged with unlawfully and maliciously wounding a 33 years old Conductor of Belair by stabbing him on the right side of his body with an unknown object and a 35 years old Operator of Canouan by stabbing him on his forehead and left side of his stomach with an unknown object. The incidents occurred at Belair 05.04.2021.

Ambris is expected to appear before the Magistrate Court to answer the charges.