Police have arrested and charged Garnet Wilkins, 44 years old labourer of Rose Place with possession of control drugs and drug trafficking.

According to investigations carried out, the Accused man allegedly had in his possession at Lowmans Bay one thousand, two hundred and sixty six (1266) grammes of cocaine and one thousand and thirty (1034) grammes of cannabis with intent to supply them to another. He was further charged with having in his possession the aforementioned amount of cocaine for the purpose of drug trafficking. The incident occurred about 2:40pm on 11.10.2020

Wilkins appeared before the Serious Offences Court to answer to the charges and pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to one (1) year and seven (7) months each for drug trafficking and possession of the cocaine which will run concurrently. He was also fined one thousand, six hundred dollars ($1600.00) to be paid forthwith or spend eight (8) months in prison.