At 4:15 pm on 14.9.2020, Police arrested and charged Veron Bushay, 29 years Farmer of Dickson Village, for with malice aforethought, caused the death of Kaif Fraser, 18 years labourer of the same address. Bushay is accused of stabbing the deceased on the left side of his neck with a knife at Dickson Village about 7:30 pm on 11.9.2020.

Investigations revealed that the deceased was at the home of the accused on the date in question. Both men got into altercation and Bushay allegedly stabbed Fraser with a knife.

Fraser was later transported to the Georgetown Modern Medical and Diagnostic Center for treatment but succumbed to his injuries at 9:10 pm.

The accused is expected to appear at the Serious Offences Court on 15.9.2020 for an arraignment.