Police have arrested and charged Toyron Spencer, 35 years old Mechanic of Bellevue with two counts of Wounding, Criminal Assault, Making use of Threatening Language, Failing to Comply with a Traffic Signal and Dangerous Driving on 13.03.2020.

According to investigations, the accused on 13.03.2020 allegedly (1) Wounded a 53-year-old Mechanic of Chapmans by chopping him on his left eye, nose, on his left side and his right hand with a cutlass; (2) Criminally assaulted a 59-year-old Labourer of Rabacca with intent to commit an offence of Wounding by raising a cutlass at him”; (3) Made use of Threatening Language towards a 53-year-old Mechanic of Chapmans; (4) Failed to comply with the stop signal given to him by a police officer, being the driver of motor vehicle PH-546; and (5)  Being the driver of motor vehicle PH-546 drove the said vehicle in a manner dangerous to the public. The incident occurred at Georgetown.

Spencer is expected to appear before the Magistrate Court to answer the charges.