Police have arrested and jointly  charged Jemroy Phillips, 23 years old Fisherman of Rillian Hill and Roland Cato 20 years old Labourer of Ratho Mill with the offence of Theft on 29.01.2020.

According to investigations, the accused men allegedly stole one (1) black Knapsack value US$20.00, containing a quantity of items valued at GBP$1,850.00 (pounds), KHR$2,600.00 (Cambodian currency), US$250.00, TRY$100.00 (Turkish Currency) and EC$40.00. The property of a 27 years old Medical Doctor of Slovenia. The incident occurred at Canash Beach on 29.01.2020.

Phillips and Cato are expected to appear before the Magistrate Court on 30.01.20 to answer the charges.