Applying for Police Report

When applying for a police report, persons are asked to collect a form at the Police Headquarters Office and complete as directed. Persons are also asked to take note that a fee of EC$100.00 must accompany the application, except for instances of a Robbery or a Fire. 

Applying to play Amplified Music

When applying to play amplified music, persons are asked to submit a written application addressed to the Commissioner of Police containing the following information:

  • Name, contact information and address of applicant
  • Venue (Location/Address, name of building etc.)
  • Reason for event
  • Requested Date and Time frame (Permission will not be given for music to be played beyond 2 a.m.)

Please note that upon approval, a copy of the approved request will be sent to the Police Station responsible for the area. Applicants are also asked to be mindful of the residents living in surrounding areas and to abide by the stipulations provided with the approval. Reasons for rejection will also be given in instances of application decline.